Australian Cuisine

While today’s Australian cuisine holds barbecue, fish and chips as well as meat pies and roasts as popular, the traditional foods come from British, Irish and Aboriginal sources. Fast food restaurants are prevalent and local and chain restaurants are found in every city and town. Most of the citizens of this country live close to the sea and enjoy seafood and fish fresh from local waters. Then, agriculture is a main industry in the land and many Australians love healthy and fresh produce and fruit. Australian food of today reaches into the past, embraces the trends of today and welcomes international influences.

Cultures with Major Influence over the Cuisine

The Aboriginals developed Australian cuisine over a vast number of centuries. Some of their common foods were kangaroo, emu, bush berries and lizards. The foods found on the land were incorporated seasonally. Some of the traditional foods are still part of Australian diet today. For instance, Kangaroo meat is still found in the shops and superstores.

Irish and British cuisine came with the settlers from the British Isles. They brought traditional favorites like Irish stew, cooked root vegetables, steaks and dairy. They transported their domestic animals like sheep and cattle. The settlers established dairy farms and vineyards.

Famous Australian Foods

Australia grows and exports its fresh fruit. The Granny Smith apple comes from this country and is exported worldwide.

Australian hamburgers are different from the American hamburgers served in United States restaurant and fast-food chains. These burgers include toasted rolls with barbecue or tomato sauce and a fried beef patty. Typical burgers are dressed with fried onions and beetroot.

A few of the other foods from Australia that are known all over the globe are the following:

- Jaffas are round chocolates covered with orange-flavored hard candy that is a red and orange in colour.

- Pavlova is a meringue desert developed right in Australia in honour of the famous Russian dancer of ballet, Anna Pavlova

- Vegemite is a savoury spread that is eaten on bread and toast.

Contemporary Australian Cooking

Today, other cultures have brought their foods. Mediterranean, Asian and Indian cuisines are popular as is German and American. Cafes often mix the international and local cuisines and serve menu items like basic chicken and beef main dishes, sandwiches and schnitzels along with fish, curry toppings and rice. Then, pizza and dim sum may also be on the menu.